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Ready to Retire?

Retirement is an exciting transition

Yet the financial details can be complex 

We want to simplify  your retirement

I'm Ready to Start Planning

Imagine if your Advisor helped you... 

Build your Retirement Plan

Reduce your Tax Bill

Manage Your Investments

File your Tax Return


We can do ALL that for you! 


We want to simplify your retirement

And Reduce Your Tax Bill along the way!

Most Financial Advisors just want to manage your investments... 

Yet a successful retirement requires a quality retirement plan, ongoing tax advice, and the thoughtful oversight of your investments 

We can assist you with ALL of the services you require  

Let us help you SIMPLIFY your life, SAVE on your taxes, and enhance your financial SUCCESS!


There are many Financial Advisors...

Why work with us?

We are Capable 

Many financial advisors claim to be "financial experts" and they often do so without a CPA license, CFA Charter, or a CFP® designation. 

We are CREDENTIALED Professionals.

We are Specialized

Doctors, Lawyers, and Engineers pick a professional specialty and become experts in that field. Yet Financial Advisors rarely specialize... 

We SPECIALIZE in retirement planning advice. 

We are Advisors

We are NOT interested in transactional relationships with clients. We do NOT sell products, peddle stock tips, or advocate "get rich quick" schemes. 

We will  ADVISE  you throughout your retirement years.


Who Do We Help? And When? 

Bob & Susan

Ready to Retire Now

Bob & Susan are in their mid 60s and plan to retire next year. Prior to retiring, they want to know when to start Social Security and whether Bob should elect lifetime payments or the lump sum option on his pension. Once retired, they want to reduce their annual tax bill and withdraw from their retirement accounts at a safe pace.

While Bob & Susan have always managed their own finances, they believe that hiring an Advisor as they prepare for retirement would help them make better financial decisions and provide some added peace of mind. 

Jack & Mary

Thinking about Retirement

Jack & Mary are "empty nesters" in their mid-50s. It seems like just yesterday they were a young family struggling to pay the bills. Now they have a $3 million retirement portfolio and $1 million invested in Mary's company stock options. 

Jack & Mary aren't ready to retire just yet, but they do realize that their financial situation has changed. They worry about managing a sizable portfolio, they feel they are missing out on some tax savings, and they are very curious as to what their retirement plan might look like. 

Dr. Jane

Unexpected Life Change

Dr. Jane is a recently widowed college professor in her early 60s. While Dr. Jane is an expert in molecular biology, she has never felt comfortable handling her own tax return or investments.

Sadly, Dr. Jane's experience is not uncommon. Whether through death or divorce, a spouse can be  left handling complex financial tasks on his/her own.

While Dr. Jane will excel at managing her finances in time, right now she needs help organizing her finances and she needs a plan for the years ahead. We can help!

The above client profiles are hypothetical and intended to highlight some of the more common reasons why a prospective client will start an advisory relationship with us. The client profiles are not actual clients.