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What to Expect When You Contact Us

Many new clients have never worked with a financial advisor before so we thought you might have some questions about how you can get to know us better. 

STEP 1You Reach Out To Us: A prospective client will usually reach out to us via a phone call, an email, or through our website to book an initial phone call. During that initial call, if it seems like we might be a good fit for you, we will send you a brief 2 page "Getting to Know You" document.

STEP 2: Initial Planning Meeting: After we review the "Getting to Know You" document, we will set a virtual video call or an in person meeting - your preference. In this meeting, we will review a series of basic financial projections and discuss certain planning ideas that you might benefit from.

STEP 3: Follow Up Planning Meeting: After our first meeting, you will have a better sense for your future financial options as well as your potential risks. After having some time to reflect on the first meeting's key takeaways, you will likely  have an entirely new set of planning questions for us. In our follow up meeting, we will focus on these new questions.

STEP 4: You Decide: After we get to know each other and you learn more about how our services might help you, we believe that you will be better positioned to determine if you would like to proceed with our Wealth Advisory Service.